9 thoughts on “Bisexual

  1. Great post, Jen! I definitely relate to some of what you’re saying about how bi people kind of get the short end of the stick in queer spaces as someone who’s queer myself. Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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  2. WTF? A school giving a lecture on how to tell what’s a “real” suicide attempt and what’s a “cry for attention?” Giving guidelines on how to cut to make it stick?! Those school leaders make me sick. Domestic violence, religious and verbal abuse, identity shaming. I hope others have, and will continue to, reminded you those are not your fault. I hope they have reminded you that the people who did that to you are wrong. I hope it goes without saying that being LGBTQIA is as valid and affirming an identity as being straight. Maybe in the slew of multiple traumas you’ve shared, that assembly isn’t the “worst” one. However, that kind of thing is what enabled the “worst” ones later, I fear. Well, I know, from my own experiences. Telling that to vulnerable adolescents at the age when many latent genetic predispositions toward mental health challenges first express is seriously messed up. It is not okay, and reading about it makes me want to go back in time 10-15 years or so and tell off those school leaders, on behalf of me, you and all the other vulnerable students who have ever suffered needlessly without help for treatable mental health issues because emotionally abusive people shamed them for suffering without help.

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    1. I agree. There is so much wrong with the way the school system used to handle topics like suicide and abuse that I’m going to be able to blog about it for a long, long time. Of course I’m sure they’ve made some improvements, and I intend to do some research about how they currently handle it, but those assemblies were ineffectual at best during my time at school.

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  3. Well done for writing this – you shouldn’t feel afraid to be bold and proud of your identity. I just published an interview on bisexuality with someone in a similar situation to you if you’re interested to read. Thank you for posting! 🙂

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