2 thoughts on “Therapy Session 2

  1. Honey, the path to where you are right now didn’t appear overnight, so the path to health and wellness won’t happen immediately either. Please don’t lose hope. Please don’t be discouraged. I know it is frustrating and demoralizing when you have to rely on someone else for help, but the answers are there, just waiting for new light. You can never tell how close you are…don’t give up now…I am praying for you always and sending positive thoughts and bear-hugs in my mind to you constantly. thank you for sharing. Love you.

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  2. Awe, Sweetheart! It’s very hard to let others see the inmost parts of our psychie. You’re absolutely right. If you want help you have to let him in. We step in our own toes when we assume others are feeling the way we perceive. I think you’re also right about him being a very nice guy and wanting to help you.

    I’m very proud of your efforts to make your own life better! You are a strong woman with a very beautiful soul and the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen! You are well worth every effort you put out to be happy! I love you very much and pray daily for your success and happiness! Good on you for trying! Keep going! Up is a very good direction! I highly recommend it!

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