3 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Most people who have been touched by Linkin Park’s music see themselves in it. I always see someone else. I debated writing what In The End means to me, but I feared that people would see judgement or scorn in my words about someone else’s actions, where really there were only blinding fear, heartbreak and guilt that I couldn’t do more. However, it has to do with the lines “I put my trust in you…pushed as far as I can go, and for all this…” it still didn’t even matter. I see in Linkin Park suicide from your husband’s side, and waiting from states away to know if the next phone call would bring news thar someone I cared had gone to inpatient…or was gone. That trust line always made it the anthem of the one trying to prevent someone you loved enough to let in from abandoning you to their own demons. I don’t believe suicide is selfish. I know that no one would build a noose and call it perfect if they saw any other way out when that pressure builds. However, part of the beauty of Linkin Park was that the words meant what they needed to mean for each person who suffered. They are the anthem of the suicidal…and the anthem of those desperately trying to save them from themselves. If at all you can stop yourself, remember that and choose the hospital option before you create the world where your husband has to think of finding you gone when he hears words about pushing as far as he can go and still losing it all. Do NOT let the voices in your mind make this comment proof that you are selfish. They aren’t. They are just proof that in your posts I see people in your life who would cry for you the same way I cried for someone, too, as they quoted Linkin Park discussing the End. *Hugs*

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    1. That is the true beauty of music, and of art in all forms. It speaks to us individually, telling each of us what we need to hear, if we open our hearts to it. I love your interpretation of the song, and I don’t think it makes you sound scornful or like you’re sitting in judgement. I think it’s beautiful and sad. *hugs you back*

      I know I’m riding the edge of the danger zone right now. I can see it. I’ve taken a step back, so for now I think I’m safe. I just really hope the week passes quickly so that I can finally get the help I know I need.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. It really helps. Your sweet and thoughtful words make me cry, and I’ve read your comment a dozen times already. Thank you for being one of the lights in my dark world today.

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