6 thoughts on “Selfish

  1. Oh Honey! I’m so glad you made that decision! Remember what you told me the other day? You need to be more whole before you can help other people. You have a strong desire to heal and help! This is the first step in that process! I’m very glad to see you start again! Thumbs up!

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  2. Listen, you’ve worked in the past? Then you paid taxes on that money which you’re entitled to if necessary. I’ve written about it on my blog a little bit but you can start the process right at home on your computer.

    I thought for a long time about disability but thought my doctor needed to recommend it but she didn’t. They will send you to a doctor if you don’t have enough info needed. I’m so glad I did it. I actually held down my last job for over 6 years before.

    It’s still hard to believe I don’t have to go to work anymore. I couldn’t….can’t. I’ve barely held it together these pasts couple of years and I can see how much more stable I am than when I was working.

    Just some thoughts…

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    1. I have worked in the past, but my work history is very spotty. I doubt very much if the time I spent working adds up to the requisite amount of time to qualify, but I did contact a local disability law firm, to get a consult. So we’ll see ho that goes.

      Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s always comforting to know that I’m not alone.

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      1. You’d be entitled to the other program which is for those who haven’t worked before…social security supplemental The amount you get is significantly less but it is something.

        I’ve read much that it’s not worth it to get an attorney at least at this point for you. You can start filling everything out by yourself. Once you’re denied at least once then I’d go the attorney route. Just my opinion, ymmv.

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  3. By earning some income from benefits, even meager ones, you are relieving stress for your husband. He’ll know there is some additional stable support coming in. Look at anything that improves your overall financial stability as a stress reliever for him, and thus a positive step for his mental health, too.

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