One thought on “Perspective 

  1. You go girl! I’d love to see you do with your hair, body and clothes what YOU want, not what anyone else would like! Your Grandma Moore had a saying That I find very apropos for this situation. “My face I don’t mind it because I’m behind it! It’s you folks out there get the jar!” And while I have seen your style and though I didn’t agree with the immodesty I thought your taste suited you to the tee! Go for it! You are tremendously beautiful especially when you are being YOU!

    BTW I LOVED sewing the cloak and baggie pants for you! And I am delighted that you enjoyed wearing them! If I had the money and time I’d do it again, but now you have resources I don’t.

    And by all means, if you don’t like pastel colors, don’t wear ’em! I always did love you in red!

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