3 thoughts on “Positive vs Negative 

  1. Here’s my list.
    1.I am fat and disgusting.
    2. I play too many instruments to be very good at any one.
    3. My children avoid me because they think I’m trying to control them.
    4. Gardening is the ONLY thing I am good at.
    5. I am socially awkward.

    1. I KNOW how to loose weight and only need motivation.
    2. Playing a lot of instruments is an awesome accomplishment, and I am at an advanced level at piano.
    3. My children love me and have busy lives.
    4. Gardening is good. So is baking. I’m pretty good at both.
    5. Social awkwardness doesn’t mean I’m a bad person. I just need to relax and enjoy the moment.

    Thank you Jen! This has been a positive thing! I need it since I’m starting in my down spin. Don’t worry, I’ll right myself soon enough, but your love and advice really helps!

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