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One Month

It has been one month since I started this crazy blog, on a whim, and now I am proud to announce that I have made forty two posts, this post being number forty three.  The blog has now had 671 views, and 265 visitors.  Apparently what I have written here has struck a chord in all of you, since my posts have received 206 likes, and thirty eight of you here on WordPress have even liked what I’ve written good enough to follow this blog, not to mention my family and friends that come over from Facebook to support me, and those people who follow me on Twitter, Tumbler, and Instagrahm.

You have all seen me through some pretty emotional stuff.  It’s been a hard but rewarding experience, writing this blog.  More so than I had ever imagined.  You read as I wrote the troubling thoughts that went through my head when I was freaking out, you offered your support when I wrote about my fears and the abuse I went through as a child, you stayed with me and comforted me as I came out of the closet and told you exactly what it was like to be a bisexual girl being raised in a highly religious family.  You have all been so wonderful to me, and I am so grateful!

I’ve discovered that when blogging it is every bit as important to read what other people write on their blogs as it is to write your own.  I have learned so much from all of you, reading your stories, listening to your advice, and sharing in your experiences.  Even those of you who write fiction, or who simply post pictures on your blogs have helped me, I have drawn inspiration from you when I’ve been stumped in one of my novels, or can’t figure out what I want to write here.  Thank you all for putting yourselves out there!

I have grown so much over the past month, in so many unexpected ways.  I’ve been able to go outside by myself for the first time in years, and it’s all thanks to the love and support that I’ve felt here on WordPress.  I promised you all something special for my one month post, so in the spirit of trying new things, I have recorded a video. 



Hi, my name is Jen, and I am a bisexual, bipolar thirty something woman, with OCD and SAD. I love to write, draw, and take pictures. I also have a passion for how the human mind works, and I love studying the effects our biology and environment have on our psychological makeup.

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