9 thoughts on “My Walk

  1. Whats your thoughts on getting therapy or medication? Would either help in your situation? I know ive dealt with some really bad social anxiety and my doctor put me on a drug that has helped.

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    1. I have been on Buspirone/Buspar, and had a bit of success with it, but right now I just can’t afford to go to therapy or go back on my meds.

      Edit: Sorry, I should say that that one was specifically for the anxiety. My prescriber had me on that, plus Lamictal/Lamotrigine for the bipolar. I want to say there was an antidepressant too, but I can’t remember.


  2. well-done, my sweet! I hope you went for it the next day, too….there is no law against being “fat in public”…honey…you are a glorious person and I love you!! YOu can DO this!!

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