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A Special Thank You

I’d just like to post a special thank you to my fellow bloggers here on WordPress.  I have been reading your posts, and watching your videos, and I am just so thankful to you guys for writing what you’re feeling, and sharing your knowledge with the world.  I am especially grateful to two in particular today: Neurodivergent Rebel and Eric Charles the founder of Make it Ultra.  You two have been posting a lot of things that I needed to read on days when I needed them.

Neurodivergent Rebel, your video yesterday about doing some self-care in order to boost productivity really registered with me, because taking care of myself is something that I often have a hard time doing.  It’s hard for me to rationalize taking the time to do these things, when there are other things that seem more pressing.  Sometimes I don’t even run a brush through my hair when I get up, because I think, “Why should I?  No one is going to see me anyway.”  It has never occurred to me that it might make me more productive, so that really spoke to me.  You also said you should look good for yourself because you love yourself, and that at the same time you should feel good in your skin no matter what.   Loving myself and feeling good in my skin are both things that I have trouble with, so I’m biting the metaphorical bullet here, and I’m going to take your advice and try it for a month, to see if it really does boost my productivity.

I’m feeling better already, I even got inspired to take a bunch of silly selfies. This is the most normal one, but you can see the rest on my instagram feed.

Eric, you have posted so much advice and info that has helped me out that I won’t list it all here, but I do want to put a link to your article from today where you encouraged everyone to put a link to their best or most popular blog post in the comments.  I think it’s so cool that everyone here on WordPress supports and encourages each other.  Thank you so much for making your post today about helping each other out and providing support for everyone else.  We could all use a little support once in a while, and we can all learn to be a bit more supportive of others.

Now I know that I’ve singled these two out in particular, but I don’t want any of you to think that I don’t appreciate you.  You all have been inspirational to me in so many ways, and your stories and wisdom have gotten me through some dark days over the short amount of time I’ve been here on WordPress.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I love you guys, and I hope you have a wonderful day.



Hi, my name is Jen, and I am a bisexual, bipolar thirty something woman, with OCD and SAD. I love to write, draw, and take pictures. I also have a passion for how the human mind works, and I love studying the effects our biology and environment have on our psychological makeup.

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